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    Default Fuel Oil Company Refuses Delivery

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: New York

    1) An elderly homeowner is physically incapable of clearing a 100 foot path through a 8 inches of heavy snow to the fuel oil outlet.
    2) The fuel company refuses to deliver because the driver has to walk through snow to get to the outlet.
    3) The homeowner runs out of fuel.

    Would the homeowner have a case against the fuel company?

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    Default Re: Fuel Oil Company Refuses Delivery

    Sorry, but no. Most fuel oil companies will work with customers (scheduling deliveries ahead of the storm, etc...) but they're not obligated to and they're not required to dig their way to your filler.

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    Default Re: Fuel Oil Company Refuses Delivery

    No. If the homeowner can't properly take care of his property, then he needs to hire someone to do it or consider selling the property.

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    Default Re: Fuel Oil Company Refuses Delivery

    Good news - the old lady was able to get a delivery of fuel and get her furnace restarted.

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