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    Default How to Get Personal Loans Repaid

    My question involves civil rights in the State of: California

    its was Feb 2016. My father had just passed away in January. he left me a little money. The guy I was seeing at the time said he had been looking for another truck to buy. I had been looking for a jeep on craigslist for a few weeks also. he found a truck he really wanted but he didn't have the money for it. we went and looked at it anyway. I told him that I would "loan" him the money to buy the truck. he had been working the same job for 9 years and it was a new relationship so I of course, trusted him. when we went to see it, I gave the guy $1000 deposit. the seller still owed $600 in penalties before they would send the title so we were waiting til he got the title. march 12 2016 we went back and gave the guy $10000. when we went to transfer the title he put it in both our names "AND". Then he went to dmv on 4 17,2017 and forged my name on the title and took me off the title.

    oh then 9 2016 his son calls him and says he needs 5000 so he said to ask me, like the idiiot I am I went the same day and withdrew 5000 cash for his son, I did write up a contract and he signed it but has never paid me a dime and I have no idea where he is living now

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    Default Re: How to Get Personal Loans Repaid

    You can sue to try to recover the amount that you loaned your friend and his son. Those would be separate lawsuits.

    You can sue for up to $10K in small claims court. If we are to infer from the first scenario that you loaned the friend $11,000, I won't promise you that a court would view the two transactions as separate loans such that you might be able to recover the full $11,000 in small claims court -- you may end up waiving $1,000 of the money to sue in small claims, but the process is easier and does not require a lawyer.

    Of course, assuming you prevail in court and get a judgment, you still have to find a way to collect the money.

    If you believe that you can prove forgery on the car title, you have the option of making a police report.

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