My question involves defamation in the state of: GA
OK, so my mother in law called DFCS on us because we let the house get a little dirty while we were both sick with bronchitis and pneumonia, we DFCS showed up, we cleaned the place, heard nothing for over a month, a new case worker showers up and gives me a list of places to call, I had quit my job so my fiance of 5 years could start working, while I stayed at home with our 2 year old son, after working and providing for 2 years, so I called one place, at the time I had no ID or birth certificate, since both have been taken care of, so one place was probably not going to see me because of a lack of identification, the other I could not afford at the time, I called the case worker and told her that I had an appointment scheduled at one, and couldn't afford the other, she said OK, work on getting the BC, and that was that, or so I thought. 7 hours later, the police, fiance, her mom and DFCS shows up and they took him, he's in NC with family now, and I'm barred from seeing them, but, the fiance broke some rules and came and told me what she was told. Turns out the DFCS worker told her that she stopped by and talked to me, and said that I said that I wasn't going to do any of it because theres apparently more important things to spend money on.

What are my options, what can I do in this situation