My question involves an injury that occurred in the state of: California

Other party send me a request to find out my insurance limit. Is it better to sign saying itís ok for my insurance to disclose or not?

A while ago, heavy traffic, speed was about 30 mph at night on freeway. Biker was going about 70 mph between lanes. There was a gap and I moved over to avoid something tossed out by driver in front and moved back into my lane, only about 2 ft of my car went over to the other lane. Biker rear ends me at 75mph and HAD NO INSURANCE. Police Cited him for no insurance and an interview with police and a recorded 2nd interview w my insurance, biker stated that he was going 70 mph, splitting lanes, and traffic was 30 mph when he rear ended my car. Biker broke his wrist and damaged his bike.

My insurance accepted 20% fault. Biker hired an attorney and suing my insurance for about $400k, but will settle for the insurance max and believes Iím 60% or greater at fault. Claiming biker has pain and suffering and lost wages due to a broken wrist. Biker is a bar tender and claims he canít work and was send text messages to me cussing and swearing about how I ruined his life and so on. I notified my insurance and attorneys contacted his attorney and told him to stop with harassment text messages. Now attorney wants me to disclose my insurance payout. I have full coverage and attorneys at my insurance is handling it. I never spoke with attorneys only the claims guy that relays information.

I donít know if itís a good idea to disclose or not or it doesnít matter?