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    Default Can You be Charged With Harboring a 17-Year-Old Runaway

    My question involves juvenile law in the State of: Texas
    My daughter's 17 year old friend wants to move in with us. I won't go in to the details of why, but her circumstances would likely not fall into "abuse" by the state. It is hard to prove emotional abuse. From the research I have read online, it is unlikely the police will require her to return home, but we are concerned about whether we could legally be charged with harboring a runaway. She says she would tell her parents where she was, will give up her car and phone and will continue to go to school. (which we would require if she stayed with us anyway) She is an honor student and very active in sports. She wants to continue going to school and then on to college. We are willing to support her while she is here and help her get into college, but will not be able to fund her college education, but neither can her parents, so she is not concerned about it.

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    Default Re: Harboring a Runaway

    Yes you can. They'll often look the other way when it comes to kids but YOU ARE AN ADULT.

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    Default Re: Harboring a Runaway

    If she needs a Pell Grant to help with college. She will have to get information from her parents and their signatures.

    What will she do if she gets sick or injured ? What if she needs her parents to sign a permission form for something at school. She will have to have her parents signatures. Will they give it ? Can you afford to pay for the extra's that come with the senior year and graduation ?

    You really have no way of knowing if what she says about her parents is true.

    The authorities "often" look the other way with kids this age. But not always.

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    Default Re: Harboring a Runaway

    If her whereabouts are not known by her parents, the police have an affirmative duty to take her into custody and return her to her parents. If the parents know where she is, she is no longer a missing child. There are no their sections of the law that allow an officer to take the child into custody in such cases.


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