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    Default What Are Your Legal Remedies when a Vehicle Crashes into Your House

    My question involves an injury that occurred in the state of: Maryland.

    In Anne Arundel county, Maryland, on Monday (1/28/2019) like a would-be terrorist this driver crashes through a chain link fence, through a closed garage door, and into the lower level of my single-family home demolishing the bathroom and plowing through walls, doors, personal property and destroying everything else in his idiot path. He narrowly missed a 5-gallon can of gasoline. The destruction was so severe that the county had placed a sign on the front indicating "Unsafe Building ... Occupancy Prohibited". Nobody was home at the time. However, the driver was taken away in an ambulance.

    After watching the video I thought this might have been an intentional act. I was astonished to learn the driver was not charged with anything. The police report indicated that the driver had fallen asleep. Keep in mind this incident was in the middle of the day, clear weather, a straight road, and no toxicology test was given. This driver will kill somebody one day. This video would be showing a head-on collision if the driver's timing was off by one second. I am certain this driver will find himself on the wrong end of a civil suit. Still, I have some questions.

    1. It appears that it is lawful in Maryland to use you vehicle to destroy private property if you claim falling asleep. Is that about right?

    2. I went to the police station to pick up the police report and was told that I had to pay for it because I was not a victim.
    Excuse me? If this does not qualify as a victim what does?

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