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    Unhappy How to Become Eligible for Drivers License on National Driver Registry in Georgia

    My question involves a driver's license issued by the State of: GA

    Back on 9/13/1991 in Georgia I got a DUI I did not contest the DUI. I moved after that back to Virginia to be with family. I had a couple more bad decisions and lost my VA license. I ended up getting married having 3 wonderful daughters and cleaning up my act. I petitioned for restore my driving privileges in 2007. VA DMV sent the courts a letter and I went for an evaluation and drug screen at ASAP. ASAP sent a report to the courts and my driving privileges were restored. I have had a perfect driving record ever since. I received notice from VA DMV that when I renew my license on 03/23/2019 it may not get renewed if I did not clear up a matter in Georgia that was showing ineligible on the National Driver Registry. I called the number provided and they state my license was showing suspended for the DUI from 1991. I asked what I needed to do. I sent copies of all paperwork from the courts and the ASAP report and $200 reinstatement fee. I waited a week after I knew they had received the information sent certified mail and they stated i need to complete a DUI Risk Reduction Program. I stated I lived in VA now and they stated it had to be a course that is certified by the state of Virginia, a minimum 20 classroom hours, and no online courses are accepted. I called VA DMV they state the would be an ASAP program. I called the number given to me for ASAP and they stated I could not enroll in a class unless order by VA DMV or courts. VA DMV would not send me because I had a clean driving record and +5 points. VA Courts had restored my license and did not send me. I sent all the paperwork to GA Driver Services and asked if I could do an on-line class and they said no. This was almost 30 years ago. They have my $200 and I don't plan on going to GA ever again. Anyone out there know how to go about getting this taken care of and stop the runaround. Desperate!!!

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    Default Re: How to Become Eligible for Drivers License on National Driver Registry in Georgia

    I think you might want to see an attorney in VA who handles driving license revocation and suspension issues. He or she may be able to help you get this resolved. These kinds of problems are not necessarily insurmountable, but it make take a lot of effort to fix it. As you are now finding out, it is never a good idea to neglect to complete out your requirements on a DUI conviction since a suspension/revocation that is not dealt with can cause you problems even many years later. And fixing it doesn't get easier with time.

    Note that ultimately you need to get this fixed in GA. Even if you get a license in VA, that GA suspension will mean that in at least some other states you will not be able to legally drive. So while you may not ever return to GA, if you vacation or take a business trip to some other state and want to drive, that might be problem.

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    Default Re: How to Become Eligible for Drivers License on National Driver Registry in Georgia

    And you definitely do not want to drive in Georgia since they have suspended your right to drive in their state. You are clearly aware they have suspended your driving privileges in their state so you have no defense, even one of ignorance. It doesn’t matter if you have a license in any other state. You have no driving privileges in the state of Georgia.

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