My question involves a driver's license issued by the State of: GA

Back on 9/13/1991 in Georgia I got a DUI I did not contest the DUI. I moved after that back to Virginia to be with family. I had a couple more bad decisions and lost my VA license. I ended up getting married having 3 wonderful daughters and cleaning up my act. I petitioned for restore my driving privileges in 2007. VA DMV sent the courts a letter and I went for an evaluation and drug screen at ASAP. ASAP sent a report to the courts and my driving privileges were restored. I have had a perfect driving record ever since. I received notice from VA DMV that when I renew my license on 03/23/2019 it may not get renewed if I did not clear up a matter in Georgia that was showing ineligible on the National Driver Registry. I called the number provided and they state my license was showing suspended for the DUI from 1991. I asked what I needed to do. I sent copies of all paperwork from the courts and the ASAP report and $200 reinstatement fee. I waited a week after I knew they had received the information sent certified mail and they stated i need to complete a DUI Risk Reduction Program. I stated I lived in VA now and they stated it had to be a course that is certified by the state of Virginia, a minimum 20 classroom hours, and no online courses are accepted. I called VA DMV they state the would be an ASAP program. I called the number given to me for ASAP and they stated I could not enroll in a class unless order by VA DMV or courts. VA DMV would not send me because I had a clean driving record and +5 points. VA Courts had restored my license and did not send me. I sent all the paperwork to GA Driver Services and asked if I could do an on-line class and they said no. This was almost 30 years ago. They have my $200 and I don't plan on going to GA ever again. Anyone out there know how to go about getting this taken care of and stop the runaround. Desperate!!!