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    Default Debt Collector Says Debtor Will be Served With Papers for a Payday Loan

    My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: Georgia

    Hey good people, my wife received a phone call concerning me about a debt collector trying to serve me papers for a civil suit on a payday loan that's in default. They gave me the option to "settle" and it if it's approved (which will take minutes) they will take that payment.

    I had this happen to me before with Hewitt Capital LLC back in 2015 and I paid them off (assuming it wasn't a scam)

    is this some sort of scam that's being ran on me?

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    Default Re: Serving Me Papers for Payday Loan

    Is there a payday loan that is in default or not?

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    Default Re: Serving Me Papers for Payday Loan

    Not that I know of no.

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    Default Re: Serving Me Papers for Payday Loan

    I'm really at a loss as to why you would think anyone here might have knowledge regarding the phone call you received.

    Is it a scam? Maybe. Maybe not.

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    Default Re: Serving Me Papers for Payday Loan

    If you do not recall taking out any payday loans and failing to pay them, then it's either a scam or a case of identity theft. My suggestion would be to ignore it as I have gotten those calls, which were scams, and done so. Assuming there really is a loan out there somewhere that you don't know about, you'll get more information when they sue you.

    Spoiler alert! They aren't going to sue you because it was a scam.

    If the one you payed off in 2015 was also for something you had no knowledge of, you put yourself on the "Rube" list so different scammers will hit you up from time to time.

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