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    My question involves a person located in the state of: Indiana

    I am currently 64 (will turn 65) in June. I am on SS Disability since 2/2017. I will turn 65 before my disability would qualify me for Medicare in July. The cheapest Medicare Advantage program that I can sign up for will cost me $2000 - $3000 a month for my medicine. I have many health issues and many of my meds are higher priced. Is there any programs I can qualify for to reduce this price? I only get around $26,000 a year on SS Disability. Regular Medicare with a Part D is even higher.


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    Any chance you qualify for Medicaid?

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    Do not qualify. Tried before I went on SS Disability. Didn't then, won't now.

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    Medicaid when you have Medicare is different than the Medicaid you applied for before you were approved for SSDI. The income and resource limits are different.

    Medicare Savings Program can help with monthly premiums, co/pays and deductibles. Extra Help can help with the cost of prescription drugs. Contact your local Medicaid office. Tell them you want to apply for Medicare Savings Program and Extra Help.

    Be sure your doctors and other providers are part of your Medicare Advantage Plan. Medicare Advantage Plans have small networks. Medicare Advantages Plans are not like original Medicare where you can see any provider that accepts Medicare. It can also be harder to get things approved with Medicare Advantage Plans. Be sure the plan you choose covers your prescription drugs. Beware, Medicare Advantage Plans can require you try less expensive medications first. Even if the expensive medication has worked for you in the past.

    You need to talk to a SHIP counselor. They are specially trains to help those with Medicare. They do not work for any insurance companies. So their only concern is what is best for you. Their services are free. The link below can help you locate a SHIP counselor.

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