My question involves a marriage in the state of Iowa. My divorce decree was issued June 2012. Though my ex-husband was awarded the property I was never requested to sign a quit claim deed. The house burned this past fall and and the property is not worth a whole lot. I have continued to be listed on the title to the property. The ex-husband is trying to sell the property and his real estate agent wants me to sign a quit claim. Do I have to do this 6 1/2 years after the divorce? He collected insurance money on the house after the bank took their share to finish paying off the mortgage on the property. He has not paid property taxes since the loan has been paid as escrow paid the property taxes and without the bank taking care of those payments, he has ignored them. He has missed the last two tax payments on the property.

Do I have any legal grounds to refuse signing the quit claim deed and possibly pay the property taxes myself to reclaim the property? The ex and I have an adult daughter living in that area and I would love to give the property to her.