I received a $190,000 of a $300,000 settlement from a car accident in 2003. I was told this was not taxable. I've had multiple surgeries and it still effects me today. I took 50k and invested in stock through Scottrade and 3k into a Roth IRA. I was going through a really bad time and let a lot of stuff go. I drained the accounts in 2005 I think. I never filed taxes on any of it. The IRS has never contacted me regarding this. The state of Missouri did file a tax lien on me 8-10 years ago for 11k. I finally filed taxes for 2017 for the first time since all of that. The state took my return, which I expected.*

I am now trying to get things up to date. I met with a CPA. She is filing my returns from 2013-present. Before that, I only worked part time jobs making maybe 10-15k a year. The most I have ever made is $24k and that was 2018. I only had the stock account active 2003-2005. I made decent returns, 10-20%. I have tried to find my 1099s or any paperwork from those years but have not been successful. I contacted the firm and they can not go back that far. My CPA can only get transcripts from the IRS going back 10 years.*

My question is, should I just file for the last 5yrs and leave it at that and hope and pray the IRS never comes after me? At this point, I don't even know how to go about getting the info I would need to file for those years. How can I find that information I need to go back and file?