My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: Florida

Here's the situation: I live in Florida, in a trailer park. I own my home but pay lot rent. A few weeks ago, a tree fell in my neighbors back yard. Yesterday, a tree removal service came out with a big crane to remove the tree. I know this because while I was at work a neighbor sent me a picture of this giant crane positioned out front of my house. When I got home, I discovered that one of the panels of the metal awning over my porch had been smashed in. Further, a step stool that had been on my porch had been unfolded and positioned underneath the damage as if someone was checking it out. This means not only did these workers damage my property, they also came onto my porch and used my personal belongings before leaving. When I asked my neighbor (the one who had sent me the picture earlier), she stated she witnessed the crane lifting big pieces of tree way over my house and that it's possible a limb had fallen.

My question is, what recourse if any do I have here? I have already emailed the company asking them to get in touch with me, but haven't heard from them yet. I did not hire these people and had nothing to do with the tree or the removal. I have no homeowner's insurance. No contact info was left by the workers and no attempt to contact me about the damage has been made by the company. The only reason I knew how to contact them was because the name of the company and their phone number was visible on the side of the crane in the picture my neighbor sent me.

Any and all advice is welcome. Pretty irritated by this, and don't feel I should have to shoulder the costs of the repairs.

Update: Tree service called this morning and said they were very sorry This happened and would be sending someone out to the house to "see what happened". As of 7pm EST this still had not happened.