My question involves an injury that occurred in the state of: Washington

We were involved in a hit and run a few weeks ago. Vehicle collided with our car, and then took off. We were able to follow them for a while, in a somewhat high speed chase, but they got away. During the "chase", we were on the phone with 911. We were able to describe the car, but it was a used car that was purchased more recently so there were no plates on it. We knew it was a used car because it still had the car lots plate frame filler thing, that says the car lot name and all.

During the chase an ambulance was dispatched to take care of one of the people in our car. They went to the ER, they have a history of injuries to their neck and brain, and were released at the end of the night with a concussion.

Talking to insurance, we are having issues. We were able to find the car that hit us on the dealers web site. We got the VIN number and everything from the site, then provided it to the police for the report. But insurance is saying that they may not be able to do anything.

So, what can we do??? I mean, how many hit and run incidents are people able to actually provide the VIN??? Shouldn't it be as easy as calling the car lot the vehicle was sold at, tell them the vehicle was involved in an accident and they need the new owners information, then go after them?

If they can't put the blame on the other car then our deductible applies and we have to jump through other hoops. We have a relatively low deductible, but it's the point of it and also to catch the people who did this!