My question involves real estate located in the State of: California

Hi. I'm renting a property that I'm currently in mid-negotiation to purchase from the owner. I've had about 6 inspections from various professionals done; the only one I'm waiting on still is the Independent Appraiser's report, but he's indicated to me that not only is the property a 2 BR, 1 BA, but also that he's planning on reducing the square footage GLA of the house by 30% due to non-permitted addition in back. The Owner doesn't know this yet. In addition, I've confirmed with my Contractor, Home Inspector, Foundation / Pest, Sewer Lateral and Plumbing professionals (with estimates) that there are a great number of repairs necessary to transform this 100-year old building into a permitted and habitable one. Meanwhile, the Owner's been driving hard to have this property assessed as a 4 BR home in contradiction to every online assessment available. He's done this all mid-negotiation, without an agent. Do I have any recourse to this bait and switch?