I am located here in California and have been caring for a friend of 40 years who was diagnosed with a mental illness 10 years ago . He lives with me and receives SSI and SSDI , pays for all his living expenses . I've been his Representative Payee for 10 years . It looks like it might be a good move to create a rental agreement , but I am wondering how this could be done if he doesn't have mental capacity to enter a contract . This must happen fairly often , and it seems there should be a somewhat easy solution . The only thing I found so far was from the state of Hawaii , where a Declaration is made by the person renting attesting to all the facts of the rental , on behalf of the recipient . Also found an attorney from another state saying it was necessary to go to court and become the legal guardian before you could do something like that . I know that in the eyes of the SSA a Representative Payee is considered a legal guardian , so maybe they accept a something like this ? Also , are there no agencies that can inform or assist in these questions ? Thanks in advance !