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    Default Should Medical Costs be Deducted from Income for Medicaid Eligibility

    i want a sue dshs , king county washington because i'm trying to get medicaid , they are not applying my medical bills (spend down), to get my $1,850/mo ss income lower, so i can qualify for medicaid, they seem to be saying medicare has not paid their part yet on the medical bills, but medicare has paid it's part on the medical bills; thanks 206 257 1276 how would I sue , I think, it would be the state of Washington, because i'm assuming dshs is a state program , not county ? how much would this lawsuit cost me ? (ball park figure), what would I have to do to start the lawsuit ? I can't afford to pay a lawyer , i'm looking for free legal aid; thanks

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    Default Re: Sue State of Washington , Department of Social and Health Services

    Submit your proof Medicare has paid their part. How much do you pay monthly on these medical bills ?

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