My question involves a person located in the state of: Washington State.. the company in question is located in Florida though.

Not sure where to put this honestly. I am disabled so I know I do get certain protections but this is with a credit repair organization.

I'm disabled on SSI and have a speech disability. I'm trying to repair my credit so I can get a student loan for University. I get offered credit repair services and sign up over the phone. The reviews for said company are very reputable so I felt comfortable about agreeing to the terms of thier contract and what they told me over the phone didn't raise any red flags.

They failed to mention thier fine print though. After I signed the agreement verbally over the phone they sent thier legal documents. There were 3 PDFs. I read the first one right after and everything sounded fine. I got sidetracked so I didn't read the other two until a week after. To my shock they omitted several terms while on the phone.

The most shocking giving them limited power of attorney to communicate on my behalf. They mentioned on the phone me allowing them to communicate with credit bureaus on my behalf but failed to mention I was giving them limited power of attorney. I know how power of attorney is legally obtained and they most certainly didn't do that.

I sent them my ID, SS card and proof of address at thier request. They are disputing every negative item on my credit reports so are signing documents on my behalf. Since I never gave them POA Im baffled unless they forged a legal document stating I did.

On the phone the salesman said even if I owe what on my credit report and pay it off, they can try to trick the credit bureaus and collection agencies into removing them which I have ethical issues about.

He also implied he would make more money in commissions the longer he was on the phone with me as a joke because it takes me far longer to speak verbally.

Several of the terms and conditions I wasn't told about involve highly manipulative tactics to prevent them being sued. Such as that by agreeing to the contract.. I cant start a class action lawsuit.. or that if I do sue and they win I pay thier attorney fees. And that if I do sue It has to be for legitimate reasons that they defined in the contract. The trial has to be in Florida and so on.

Interesting info. The credit repair organization owner has a doctorate in law from what I read.

I am so baffled by all of this. And feel very manipulated.