No, it was a preprinted form that was hand filled.

After no results I have had a couple more exchanges with them and it appears that after 46 years they cannot find the original lease orr ent deposit receipts as they asked me for copies of my documents. I sent them off a couple of days ago and am awaiting a response.

This brings me to a new and different issue.

I am starting to get refund checks in the mail (utilities, insurance overpayments, etc.) but they are made out to my mother because the various accounts were in her name. My mother's estate is too small to open probate and the cost of doing so and open a bank account just to cash these checks will exceed the cumulative value of the checks.

Although I am both the executor of my mother's estate and the will states i am her sole heir, the issuers of the checks are reluctant to reissue them in my name. There was a bank account in both our names they could have been deposited to, but once social security notified them of my mother's passing, they insisted the acount be moved to my name only. I have spoken to them about depositing the checks in my account anyway and they say they will try, but it is possible they will be rejected with a fee attaching to each one.

Can anyone offer any suggestions as to how I might go about depositing these check in my account without having to open probate? Again, I am in California.