My question involves bankruptcy in the state of: Oklahoma

I was discharged in Febuary of 2017, after discharge i was still paying on a car that was included and not reaffirmed. Well a few weeks ago i came out and the vehicle was gone, it was repoed by the bank. the vehicle had damage that was there before the bankruptcy. Now they are tring to file a claim on my insurance for the damages. One part was from a hit and run a year prior to filing and my insurance paid out, i didnt get it fixed as it was minor and didnt affect the operation of the vehicle and used the money to pay bills. Then i had an accident where the other partys insurance paid out, it was before discharge and i didnt get it fixed, as it was minor and i needed the money for bills. Tey are also claiming some damage that was not there when they repoed it. My question is can they make my insurance pay for the damages and can they come after me for anything?