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    Default Bed Bug Bites While in a Hotel

    My question involves an injury that occurred in the state of: NV While staying in a casino/hotel, I sustained numerous bed bug bites and they were so bad I needed to visit Urgent Care for prescription drugs for the infections and horrible discomfort. Reported this to management and security for a report filing. They now are offering me casino comps for the fees I incurred, and not even wanting to reimburse me for the costs I have paid out. I feel this is unacceptable, and wonder how to proceed with this. I am here on vacation, and have lost 3 days of it, with one entire day being at Urgent Care, being miserable and ill from the effects When I explained this to the front desk manager, she told me her boss was no longer going to discuss it...what was offered is what I would receive...PERIOD. Should I just let this go? I am still suffering from the results of these bites, and as the doctor informed me, new ones are still surfacing 2-3 days after the initial ones appeared. Thank you for any direction or advice.

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