My question involves an accident that occurred in the state of: La Crosse, Wisconsin

The accident/Dilemma:
I was in a motorcycle accident in December 2019. My motorcycle was registered in my name. My insurance was lapsed so I had no coverage. License suspended as well (did not know yet). I got tickets for driving on a suspended and failure to maintain control of vehicle. Driving on a suspended was dropped to driving without a valid license, failure to maintain was dropped totally. The boat I hit was not registered in the guys name and had been over a year since he bought it. Also he doesn't have proof of ownership before the accident. He also does not have insurance on it and it was parked on the street attached to his truck overnight. The person who was on the title on the date of the accident wants nothing to do with it. Boat NADA value is $1200. They are trying to get a little over $10,000 off me.

My questions:
They are sueing me for property damage. Is this just a big waste of time? Do you think I will owe them any money, keeping in mind the boat wasn't in their name. if so how much, $10,000 or the value of the boat? Is it worth getting a lawyer for or should I just wait and see what happens with the first court date? And also can I be arrested if I can't pay or would they just send me to collections like everyone else someone owes money to?