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    Default University Restricts Access by a Protected Person, Restraining Order Against Student

    My question involves civil rights in the State of: Kentucky
    I'm posting here because the Title IX division is overseen by the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department. I'm not positive if this is the correct place.

    I am a graduate of a public university. My ex husband has a DVPO against him by me. He enrolled in this university, and I was supposed to be returning there for my Master's. I contacted the school to find out if they had procedures in place for this type of situation. They directed me to their Title IX office who asked for copies of the orders. I sent them over and then was sent a letter outlining lists of rules for me to follow about staying away from him, not speaking to him, not posting anything online about him, even if his name is excluded or I would be found in violation of the schools sexual misconduct policy. I don't go near him or speak to him as is, but I do blog about my experience as a DV survivor and speak with other women.

    According to the letter I was sent, this is a violation and considered sexual misconduct. I'm confused by this because nowhere in the DVPO does it say I am not allowed to speak publicly about my abuse or that I am under any obligation to be silent. I feel like the university is trying to enforce something that isn't any part of the order. As the victim in this situation, this feels unfair and like they are disallowing me to speak freely about a horrific situation that I lived through.

    I can understand if they don't want me to speak about it on campus, as that would be pointing out that one of their students was an abuser and may put them in a negative light, but to say on my own time, in my own home, I can't blog about my life seems stifling. I am 100% open to any feedback. I just need to know if they are allowed to threaten to put me in violation of a sexual misconduct policy for sharing my life story. Thank you for your time.

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