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    Default When Can an Out-of-State Vehicle Buyer Get > 30 Day Temporary Plates

    My question involves vehicle registration or title in the state of: South Carolina
    I purchased a new motorcycle in S. Carolina but I am a Pennsylvania resident. The dealer provided all needed papers, however the temporary plate is good only for 30 days and I will be in S. Carolina for at least 10 days after it expires. Will I be able to get a new 30 day temporary plate (the woman at DMV said no extensions)? Is storing bike the only option if no?

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    Default Re: Pa. Resident Purchased New Vehicle in S. Carolina, Staying in Sc More Than 30 Day

    The other option is to get your bike registered in PA before it expires. You have to do this in person (though you don't need to bring the bike). If you have a willing friend they can go do it for you and mail you down the plates.

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