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    Default Divorce When a Parent is the Caregiver for a Disabled Child

    My question involves a marriage in the state of: Indiana: Married for 40 years, 2 grown children, my youngest child got hit by a car at age 5, suffered a severe brain injury. I had to quit my job and become full time forward to present..I am still full time caretaker and legal guardian with no life outside her needs. My husband has kept his hobbies to help HIM "relieve his stress" and sole provider. I want a divorce, I'm tired but I have come to accept that my role will never change but husband tells me to leave our hone if I want...I'm scared, I haven't worked since that dreadful day my beautiful daughter was hit by a car at my mother in laws house and our lives were turned upside down. All of these years have been filled with doctors, therapies, meeting and mountain of paperwork that I have done by myself (my husband went to 1 school IEP meeting and said he couldn't anymore because it's depressing to him). What am I allowed to ask for in this state? I am 55 years old and the thought of starting over is terrifying but staying married to a porn addicted self medicating angry jerk is worse..I cry st the thought of a continued future like this..Where do I start?

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    Default Re: Divorce

    You start by getting an attorney. You will be entitled to 1/2 of the marital assets (assets that accrued during the marriage) you will be entitled to some alimony, and most likely you will be entitled to some child support for your disabled adult child. (that part is not guaranteed, particularly if she is receiving SSI). Good luck to you.

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