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    Default Can You Repossess Car from Different State, No Contract

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: wyoming. I was selling my car to a friend and ended up moving to Alaska. It's been 2 months with no payment and he has assured me he will make a payment yet has not. There was no formal contract but I have plenty of physical evidence in the form of texts and facebook messages. I need to know the legal steps to repossess the vehicle. I have the title with me in Alaska and he has only paid 200 of the agreed upon 1500. I just want the car back and am willing to pay back the money he paid if needed. It was a private sell, no lot. There was no bill of sell written either. If he were to provide one, it would be a forgery. Any assistance on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

    I should also state I suspect the vehicle is being used in illegal activity.

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    Default Re: Repossess Car from Different State, No Contract

    You have the title still in your own name and a set of keys? Go get the car.

    Make sure you let the police know what you are doing when you drive off with it.

    Next time you sell it, get cash, don't do payments.

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