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    Default What Do You Call a Lawyer Who Assists You Without Appearing in Court

    My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: Florida
    I am in to a pro se sue with landlord (commercial lease), I want an attorney to guide me, so that I do not violate any rules when it comes to following a court procedure. I am ready to pay the attorney. But at the same time I do not want him to appear in court for me.
    I am at the stage where I need to submit CMR (case management report) to court.
    Defendants have asked court to dismiss the case. (as every defendant does). The sue is for breach of contract and FDUTPA (Deception).

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    Default Re: What Do You Call an Attorney Who Does Not Appear but Still Guides a Litigant for

    We call them "attorneys." You should delete your phone number if it is still possible. Attorneys do not search these forums looking for business and posting personal info is against the rules and can lead to no good.

    The Florida Bar has a legal referral service if you can't find better recommendations:

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