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    Question How May a Representative Payee Spend a Child's Benefits

    Hello members, hope you all doing well. May God bless you all and have a happy new year!

    I want to make sure things are done right way and documented properly. Below is our situation. Please let me know if there is anything else needs to be done.

    I am disabled mother receiving monthly payment for me and my child. I am rep payee for my child.

    My child gets $873 a month. From this most of the amount is spent on his after school care and his health insurance. Below is the break down.

    1. Even though I stay at home, since I do get hospitalized we felt it would be of best interest to have after School care which is $372 per month.
    2. Since I cannot work, my child is on my spouse employer health care insurance.
    Monthly premiums for Employee only is 71.61, Employee+Spouse is 655.07, Empl+Children is 522.90, Emp+Family is $1100
    Based on the above we allocate $450 per month for the child premium.
    We could have gone to lower option which reduces by $100 or so but very less coverage. After going through my health issues we wanted to make sure health insurance is proper.

    That leaves less than $50 to cover for housing, food, utilities and other items. All of them are covered by my spouse. Me and my child share same bank account since he is too young to have his own so transactions get mixed up.

    We always wondered how are other families handling with these expenses? If we get audited are we ok in terms of paper work?


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