My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: Ok and Tennessee

My husband had a job interview for a job in Virginia. We drove out there and while we were in Tennessee, our car broke down leaving us stranded for three days. We couldn't get a rental because we had no credit cards. We finally got a car thru a dealership. My husband told them he doesn't have the job yet, nor is there any guarantee he would get the job, but that he was hopeful for one since he's on his way to a job interview. The dealership said this was no problem and we later found out they listed the job as income anyway. He didn't get the job, because we were late and didn't make it in time, due to being stranded, and we are now stuck with a $25,000 bank note with zero income. We wouldn't have done it, except it was literally the only way for our family to get home.

Here's the problem: We don't know how to give back this car. The bank said they have no authority or anyone available to come to our state to repossess it, and they said there is also a problem with the title. They don't have the lien filed on it because we don't have the money needed to pay the title fee ($1,200). The dealership doesn't want to touch it at all because they basically put down we had an income of $100,000 per year that we didn't actually have, and the bank told the dealership that if they couldn't provide proof of our income, that they would mail the title to us with no lien on it, which I suspect was just a threat. We also don't have the money to take it back ourselves.

Could we get in trouble for theft, or some sort of criminal charge over this? The bank has spoken with us numerous times and at one point, said they weren't sure, but we might have gotten a free truck, which sounds ridiculous. What would be a way to resolve this?