My question involves civil rights in the State of: Oklahoma

My daughter was 6 years old when CPS took her on allegations that we were abusing her. Our daughter leaves bruises on herself and the school that called on us also would send her home with marks she didn't have when she went to school in the mornings. Even after her nonverbal, autistic meltdown where she bit down on her own arms right in front of the caseworker, leaving bruises, the caseworker still couldn't get the order to remove lifted when she contacted the judge. The CPS worker couldn't find a suitable foster home for her needs, and so she took her to her own home for the weekend. By Saturday night, she was in the E.R and we weren't even contacted of this until Sunday evening. The CPS worker had no experience and could not handle her at all. She was put in the hospital to stabilize for her fits. During that time, we went to court and explained to the judge our side. At the first court hearing, when we told our side, he seemed to sympathize and was very close to sending her home with us. However, he said to leave our daughter in the hospital until the next court date, and we could come with a plan by then. The CPS refused to do that and with just a few days from the court date, they had her moved. They also lied and signed the county judges name to the order to get her moved. We know this because we personally know the judge from that county. Nothing was done to them for this.

While she was in this mental health facility she was abused multiple times by the staff. I have photos of her bruises, and a recording of the staff director telling us of a worker slamming her down on the concrete floor, and shoving a pillow over her face at 3:00 a:m before another staffer walked in and pulled him off. NO charges were filed against him, although he was fired. We have other bruises of when she was hit and slammed against the wall, and staff ripped one of her thumbnails out. We suspect in retaliation for the Ferguson Missouri non indictment, because of the timing and the race of my daughter vs the workers. When we approached an acquaintance who worked for the FBI, he refused to help us at all with the case stating that the abuse on an disabled child is not considered a federal offense.

Long story short: What are our options? We've contacted multiple attorneys about suing CPS, but none of them want to get anywhere near a lawsuit involving CPS. Even though they are willing to acknowledge an injustice occurred. Finding a lawyer willing to go after them is like pulling eye teeth. Why??