My question involves an injury that occurred in the state of: Ohio

I went away for a trip and found a sitter through who had a few positive reviews.

Through Rover communications, I gave the sitter one and only one instruction/warning: ensure there are no holes in the fence. I even stated it again at drop-off. He got loose the next day. Someone retrieved him, called us as our number was on his collar, and we instructed them to bring him back to the sitter. I recommended to the sitter that she place him on a rope. She stated she had one. She didn't use it, and showed me pictures of him trying to escape. A few hours later, we were called by the police who found him dead after he got loose again, and was struck by a vehicle. The sitter didn't even know because she was at work. I have all of this saved.

Rover basically said sorry, and will pay the final expenses for my dog. My dog was a 8.5 year old Shiba Inu with no other health issues than a few allergies. According to the AKC, they live 13-16 years. It is obviously a devastating scenario. Do I have a case? Is it with Rover? The sitter? The sitter's homeowner's insurance? Thanks