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    Default Dog Death Through Sitter

    My question involves an injury that occurred in the state of: Ohio

    I went away for a trip and found a sitter through who had a few positive reviews.

    Through Rover communications, I gave the sitter one and only one instruction/warning: ensure there are no holes in the fence. I even stated it again at drop-off. He got loose the next day. Someone retrieved him, called us as our number was on his collar, and we instructed them to bring him back to the sitter. I recommended to the sitter that she place him on a rope. She stated she had one. She didn't use it, and showed me pictures of him trying to escape. A few hours later, we were called by the police who found him dead after he got loose again, and was struck by a vehicle. The sitter didn't even know because she was at work. I have all of this saved.

    Rover basically said sorry, and will pay the final expenses for my dog. My dog was a 8.5 year old Shiba Inu with no other health issues than a few allergies. According to the AKC, they live 13-16 years. It is obviously a devastating scenario. Do I have a case? Is it with Rover? The sitter? The sitter's homeowner's insurance? Thanks

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    Default Re: Dog Death Through Sitter

    If you can prove that the sitter acted negligently and that such negligence led to the dog dying, you can sue for the reasonable value of the property at the time of death. If you do sue, whether the sitter's homeowner's insurance carrier provides coverage (if the sitter even owns a home or otherwise has personal liability insurance) is between the sitter and the carrier.

    If you believe the owner of the referral web site (I'm assuming that's what it is) was negligent in referring this person to you, you can include the owner of the site in your suit. However, you probably agreed to some sort of waiver in the site's standard terms and conditions, so you should look into that before doing anything. Frankly, I'm surprised that the owner of the site agreed to pay anything and that it would do so without obtaining some sort of release from you.

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