My question involves real estate located in the State of: Texas

My husband and I recently purchased an 11 acre property. It was sold to us free and clear. 6 acres of the land could be used as pasture for our horses. Shortly after we moved in. A longtime neighbor informed us that he placed covenances and restrictions on the property. Especially the pasture area 15 years ago. He also told us the seller and the sellers real estate agent were well aware
of the covenances. He even served them certified legal copies of the court documents listing the restrictions on the property. Yet, they disclosed none of this to our realtor, us nor indicated it on the sellers disclosure. We basically way overpaid for a piece of property that we canít even use it for what
We bought it for. We are beyond upset! We NEVER would have even considered buying this place had we known and the seller and realtor had been honest. We have retained a real estate attorney and have started to pursue things. Any advice on what we might expect to happen and how this may play out. We were definitely deceived :-(