Married in FL, 14 yrs, been together for 27 yrs. Own house & bank accounts jointly. I do have a few bank accounts in just my name, no joint credit card but am an authorized user on his (never used it though). No debts except current expenses, all paid in full monthly. Husband retired with pension, I still work but plan on retiring in 5 yrs.
Husband sufferes from mental illness & lately worsen. He felt the need to get rid of all of our money, I even found some crumbled cash in the trash one night. In a few days time, he charged thousands on his card to places like GoFundMe. Tonight, he insists we go get a loan so he can give more away.
I have already moved as much cash as I can into my account but was uable to lower his credit card limit as I am not the primary card holder. I refused to get the loan, of course, but fear he will do something (LOC, equity loan, mortgage, a person loan?) while I am at work. Can he do that without my consent & signature?
Is a divorce the only solution to cut financial ties from my husband in FL? I still want to take care of him but I need to protect myself from potential financial disaster.
Thank you.