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    Default How to Get Funding for In-Home Care of an Elderly Parent

    My question involves a person located in the state of: California

    Mom is 92 years old with a multitude of problems but none so serious she cant be cared for at home in a hospital bed.
    This I have done for 10 years now. Her finances do not support hiring a caregiver more than two days a week for 8 hours.
    She needs 24 hr care so I am her full time caregiver and happy to do it but making ends meet financially for me is becoming impossible.
    I have not had a vacation in years and if I get sick there is nobody to fill in. Yes, I could put her in a facility but that costs money too.

    Mom has a daughter who lives about an hour away but seems to have no interest in her mothers care or condition. She sends $100 a month saying thats all she can afford. She has done this for years now. This amount doesn't even begin to help pay a caregiver at $26hr or moms other needs.
    I have spoken to her about it and always the same money. Cant afford to send more. I accepted that as fact until recently I discovered that my sister has been making a 6 figure income since long before I took mom in. Sure she may have other bills I don't know but supporting her mother should be high on that list. What can be done in this situation? Any advice would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Elder Law

    I presume she's getting medi-cal services?

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    Default Re: Elder Law

    Read the following California statute:

    It appears that you and/or the source of any government aid can take your sister to court to compel additional support.

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