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    Default Re: Medical Bill Pending Still However a Debit Collector Went Ahead and Reported Me A

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    You ignored my statement.

    What is currently outstanding is what you owe. Pending is irrelevent. As long as you believe the amount isn’t correct because there are outstanding insurance issues, you’ll be wrong.

    As to them not acceptkmg your money: have you actually sent a check to them? I haven’t heard you say anything about having sent them money.

    If the other insursnce company is picking up the rest of the bill, then why is the rest of the bill not paid?

    As to a judge agreeing with you: not based on anything you have explained here. They rendered services. You owe the full amount. Whether your insurance company indemnifies you is an issue between you and your insurance company. Not the provider and the insurance company.
    I believe you are misunderstanding me. Tried giving them my credit card number. How can I pay something when as of now the billing company doesn't have a clue on what to charge me? haha I think the judge would agree me with me on this. I am not understanding what I am missing.

    I think this is how it would go -

    Judge : What do you owe them?
    Collections company: We do not know
    Billing company: We do not know

    Me: Since you do not know that amount can you get the amount removed from my credit report because that should fall under that link I sent earlier. ( I think the billing company lady doesn't want to admit her mistake but they are not removing it from my credit report therefore its inaccurate amount. Whats really funny is she doesn't remember talking to me any of the multiple times.)

    but keep in mind after reading the dispute laws etc.. I think this is a simple dispute in the long run. And to answer your question why they haven't paid I really have no idea. This has been a complete mess for me. I can't begin to tell you how many people I had to call 6 times for one single bill over and over, how many times I had to show up to billing office over and over.. It's really simple. They have to rebill the primary and then rebill the secondary after the primary went through, but when they would rebill they would bill the wrong insurance in the wrong order do other silly things.

    I can tell you that about 23 different people It talked to didn't believe about this mess and said I need to pay my bills ha! Soooooo I started faxing and emailing and then they were like wow you weren't lying. It does make matters worse that the hospital got new billing software and credit the wrong people with my money too. I know this because I help out with the doctor every once in a great while. For the most part if you got someone on the phone that would listen things were solved.

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    Default Re: Medical Bill Pending Still However a Debit Collector Went Ahead and Reported Me A

    Here’s the simple thing to do

    file a dispute with the credit reporting agencies. If the creditor says what you claim they told you, it goes away.

    The sue the creditor for a violation of the fdcpa.

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