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    Default Concurrent vs. Consecutive Sentencing for State and Federal Crimes

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: us district court. I was serving 17 years in ms state prison. In 2015 I caught federal tax fraud and identity case. I pled guilty and psi was done. In psi, po included the state conviction for the sentence i was serving at time I committed federal crime. ( I complete 17 state years on March 15 2019). Anyway, the psi relied on this state conviction to determine offense level and criminal history score on federal case. I found cases say that in that situation , the usdc judge must order concurrent sentences. Is that good law? Or will bop compute federal sentence as concurrent once I arrive in federal custody?

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    Default Re: Concurrent vs. Consecutive Sentencing for State and Federal Crimes

    This is not a simple issue that can be answered based upon a single short paragraph of information. You should speak with the lawyer who represented you for your federal prosecution.

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