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    Default Dealership Made Title Error Allowing Co-Owner to Take the Vehicle

    I live in Florida. My now ex boyfriend, talked me into purchasing a van for his plumbing business as an investment. It was to be titled in both our names, as was the company and insurance. I didn't realize that I hadn't received a title, I called the dealership and they said it was electronically filed. But then they said, wait. A month ago it was changed, your name is no longer on the title. The names were titled as OR instead of AND as directed, so either one of us could go in and change it at any time.

    Besides suing him civilly, is there any liability on the dealership? Thanks for your imput.

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    Default Re: Dealership Made Title Error Allowing Co-Owner to Take the Vehicle

    You can have a lawyer review your paperwork with the dealership to see if, in fact, they were contractually obligated to register the vehicle with "and" instead of "or"; but the fundamental issue here is that any loss you have suffered was at the hands of your ex-boyfriend, not the dealership, and you did not exercise due diligence to ensure that the title reflected your name and your ex's, as opposed to "or".

    If you put money into the vehicle and want it back, the person to sue is your ex-.

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