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    Default Regulation of Fortune Tellers and Psychics

    My question involves civil rights in the State of: California

    Hello all, I have a question regarding civil rights with respect to fortune telling, I am trying to obtain a business license to a local city here in the state of California, but the city is restricting me to only be able to conduct business on certain streets in the city vs anywhere general retail would normally be allowed.

    they are also restricting the option to charge money for our services.

    I am looking for someone who can help me fight the city in changing these foolish laws. local area is in Southern California.


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    Default Re: Civil Rights Against Fortune Tellers/ Psychics

    So, is this a zoning issue? A business license issue? Can you point to the muni code that is being cited to limit you to these certain streets?
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    Default Re: Civil Rights Against Fortune Tellers/ Psychics

    Are these rules that specifically apply to the business of fortune telling? There are many cities in California that have fortunetelling/occult business restrictions on the book.
    What city are we talking about?

    A few attempts at trying to characturize fortune telling businesses as either free speech or religious practices protected by the Constitution end up mired down in the details of just what is being regulated.
    You'll have to explain what you're after.

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