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    Default Firearm Restoration After Expungement of a Criminal Record

    My question involves civil rights in the State of: Indiana

    Recently had an expungement for a 14 year old felony. NICS denied my firearm purchase and Indiana state police denied my conceal carry permit. My question is whether the state police update the NICS system? I’ve reached out to them several times and they completely blow that question off. They won’t give an answer on it, although I did learn that they have a specific expungement department in charge of updating records. They told me that their department was still “processing” my expungement. I know for a fact that Indiana’s expungement law specifically states that it restores gun rights and Indiana actually argued its case about gun restoration with the ATF until they finally agreed to accept the “language” in the expungement as being restorative. I’m having trouble finding anyone that’s been through it in Indiana and actually got their gun rights acknowledged in NICS afterward without having to argue their case through a lengthy appeal process. Anyone have any insight on this?

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    Default Re: Expungement Firearm Restoration

    If the expunged felony was the only thing that was keeping you from being a proper person, then yes it should be resolved. Note that you're mixing terms. NICS and the Indiana background check system are independent items.

    You can talk to Indiana until you're blue in the face about NICS. They don't run it. You can appeal to the DOJ directly:
    Note that it is not a quick process, they're running nearly three years behind on applications made.

    Indiana has a seperate appeals process:

    There are attorneys in your state that specialize in this stuff

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