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No, sorry, you're right I didn't. I just figured aside from the most heinous crimes, that this was just standard operating procedure when it came to D.A's and criminal charges. Other then that, I have no facts or evidence to know whether they are going to do that or not. But I'm heavily assuming they will. Again, those two restraining orders are going to be a big hurdle. The charges first came up last year in August, and it hasn't progressed very far at all, with a status hearing coming in March. Which seems an insanely long time to have a case like this open and dragged out. That and he made the comment that he thinks the d.a is going to throw the book at him because she's a woman, and therefore she's got it out for men who commit domestic violence crimes. That may or may not be, but still, I BEGGED him in a pm to please don't say that in court. PLEASE, for the love of God........
Honestly it varies a lot,one court might be more willing to plead down than others. They domestic crimes seriously,the protective order looks bad. It sucks having a felony,him get a short jail term or probation only is probably a lucky results. Most judges and district attorneys think this is just the 1st time he got caught . A lot of victims recant their statement. Even she willing to forget it,doesn't mean the da will.

The best person to ask is the legal aide,they can probably give a rough estimate at what time of plea would be offered.

Him being older gonna probably work against him,he should know better and be in better control of his emotions. If he was 18 for example,maybe them give him somewhat of a break b.c of his age.