My question involves an injury that occurred in the state of: Oregon

A couple of days ago I was walking my dog on a leash and my neighbor's friend crossed the sidewalk in front of me. A couple seconds later the neighbor's 2 dogs (a large aggressive breed with a bad reputation) ran out coming straight for my dog. The attack lasted about a minute. The friend was trying to control the one dog and I was trying to stop the other one. Neither dog had leashes or collars. After about a minute and many, many bites later I was able to scoop up my dog (a small terrier/Corgi mix) and run inside. Both of my hands were bitten during the altercation, though they seem like very minor injuries.
My dog spent the night in the dog hospital and the decision was made the next day to euthanize him. This was not an easy decision. We ended up paying about $1000 that night, money we didn't really have. The doctors told us to continue on with his treatment would be at least a couple thousand dollars and depending on the extent of his injuries could be up to $10,000. The fact that we had no money, unfortunately made our decision.
Several months ago I was watching a neighbor's dog and the same thing happened. The owners were able to grab their dogs before any biting occurred. Animal control says the only thing that will happen is they will require the dogs to be on leashes and muzzled when outside.
I've suffered a lot of trauma this weekend as has my six year old. I'm considering therapy for both of us. I'm afraid to let my son play outside now and I can no longer let my cat out. Getting another dog isn't even an option with those dogs next door.
The dogs owner texted me that he will pay the vet bills although it will take a couple months.
We live in rental condos/townhomes. Each one has a different owner, but they are all rented out and managed by the same apartment management company.
Should I wait and hope the dogs owner pays my bills or try and get the management companies insurance to pay it? Can I get compensated for therapy bills? Can I ask for emotional damages? If my neighbor's or their dogs don't get kicked out would I be able to sue the management company for moving costs?

Update: I found out from apartment management that one of those dogs bit the UPS driver a couple months ago. They never reported it because the UPS driver said he was going to. Animal control has no record of this.