My question involves juvenile law in the State of: Florida

I have been constantly physically and emotionally abused by my mother since early elementary school. I have only recently reached out to DCFS regarding my circumstances, but my father and mother both refused to answer questions pertaining to abuse within the household and even denied some of the claims I made. I created a substantial list of abuse which I sent to a teacher, counselor, social worker, and father and all statements were claimed to be true by my father to me. I'm not aware of how the case is going since no one cares to update me and my parents refuse to speak to me about it. This is the main reason why I'm seeking emancipation. I don't currently have a job because my parents won't let me leave the house but I have 3 guaranteed employers(I only need two to sustain myself) and a guaranteed place to live with my friends family who are aware of the situation. I'm exceptionally gifted in school and am an exceptional planner. I've been researching this option for about 3 years and feel that it is my only way out of the house that won't result in something such as foster care. I've completed all the budgeting for the area I live in which includes all insurance, bills, rent, and other fees such as groceries or clothes per month. I've also calculated that from two jobs I'll be making $200 extra a month, assuming I work 5 days a week. This will go towards saving for college and other things. As for a car, I'll have to either buy one off my friend or save up for a cheap one and add gas to my monthly cost. Therefore I meet all the requirements to be emancipated within my state. Now that I've explained my story, here are the problems I face: neither parents will sign the required forms, I'm constantly surveilled by cameras and alarms so I can't leave my house to get the necessary paperwork, I can't currently get a job, and I can't find an affordable or pro bono attorney (currently seeking to have a guardian ad litem appointed to me by the court but that's another ordeal). What are my options if any?