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    Default Can a Car Buyer Get a Refund for a Dealer Add-On Fee

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: Texas

    After buying a new car I found a “Dealer Add On Fee” of ~$1,200. Can I get a refund? I asked them for an itemized list of what it includes and they said they can not provide one, but that I can bring it in for window tint, mud flaps, trunk liner, and wheel locks. These things are not worth $1,200. I heard there was a law that dealerships must provide detailed descriptions of what their charges cover. Is it too late or can I force a refund for this amount? Should I accept the few things they are offering to add?

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    Default Re: After Buying a New Car I Found a “dealer Add on Fee” of ~$1,200. Can I Get a Refu

    You are right, those dealer add on fees are gimmicks and pure profit for them. What I don't understand is that you "found" after you bought the car. That tells me you agreed to the purchase price of the car after all the add-ons, including freight, packages, options, dealer, etc. I am not too sure why you disagree with the price you agree on now.

    Those dealer add on fees have been around since about the 1970's. Generally starting off around $20 and since then growing over the years. They used to be called "dealer prep" charges and I've seen all sorts of names over the years. The one I liked best was "additional dealer revenue" - since that is all it is.

    Legally there is nothing you can do - unless they promised something and you can prove it wasn't done. For instance, if the dealer add on fee was partially for under coating of the car and you can see your car does not have it. If the fee is to clean the car and get it ready for your to pick up, then they've fulfilled their obligation. Is it worth $1200? Of course not - but you agreed to pay it.

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