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    Default Buying Back a Car Due to Title and Registration Issues

    Hello there, about 2 years ago I sold a vehicle to a guy my works with for a thousand bucks, it was a California clean clear title and Iím selling it in Texas after it had been registered in my name in Texas. it was a duplicate title I had gotten because I had lost the prior duplicate and original, I found one of them and signed it over to the guy for a grand. I thought it was all good until about 2 years later(this past August) he contacts me saying the dmv(tx) tells him they canít process due to the title I gave him was a voided and not the most recent title I had received.( I moved a lot back then and wasnít organized). He decides to sell it without a title to his neighbor, and tells me to let them know when I get a new duplicate. All dandy I thought. Few months later I receive in the mail they had rejected me getting a new title cus I need to fill out a change of address form, the guy who now has my car is telling me he really wants car since he has put about 15 of work into it even though it was t his to work on. So now I am trying to buy it back and be done with this huge headache but the guy is trying to charge an hourly wage of 25 dollars an hour for a total of 50 hours he worked on it plus 1200 for parts. It is not his car and he should not have bought the car from my original buyer since they had no title to sign and since I am in the picture with a clear title he canít legally do anything to put the car in his name. What do I do without having to take this to court, Iíve offered 1500 to be more than generous but the guy refuses. I donít want to play hardball because he physically has keys and car in his possession.

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    Default Re: Resold my vehicle with a voided duplicate title

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    I don’t want to play hardball
    Why not? I don't see where any of this is your problem. The first guy waited 2 years and the second guy bought the car without a title. They are both idiots and don't deserve a minute of your time or a dollar of your money.

    he can’t legally do anything to put the car in his name.
    Sure he can. He can get a bonded title:

    If you feel any responsibility at all, offer to reimburse him for the bond when he sends you the receipt.

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