Fact 1: One individual No Left Turn sign is mounted on the right side of the road at a T intersection within a residential area.

MUTCD reads:

Figure 2B-4 Movement Prohibition and Lane Control Signs and Plaques

If No Left Turn (R3-2) signs (see Figure 2B-4) are used, at least one should be placed over the roadway, at the far left-hand corner of the intersection, on a median, or in conjunction with the STOP sign or YIELD sign located on the near right-hand corner.

Question: Would a ticket likely be thrown out raising this as a defense?

Fact 2: No Left Turn Sign has a qualifying sign below it at a height of 6 feet which reads:

4-6 PM Except Weekends & Holidays

MUTCD requires signage to be mounted at a minimum of 7 feet for residential areas under Illustration C:


Question: Are the signs required to be posted at a minimum height starting with the lowest sign or only the primary sign?