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    Fyi, for those that do not know, your SSN becomes public information once you die - no waiting period. Once SS knows you're dead, you SSN is released to whoever wants it.

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    And the reason that medical providers (and others - including the government) keep your SSN on file is to be able to skip trace you if you don't pay your bills.
    I understand this but it is a security risk and shouldn't be used at all.
    The number can only do you harm, hacked or used for collections, sued etc. You might always think medical bills are fair but if you took a poll I'd bet most would agree that the base prices are completely and utterly outrageous. Go down the line, its a scam and if you are telling people to bend over and just always pay whatever they are billed then you are adding to the problem. We should pay what is fair, what we can afford and not provide SSN's so they can unjustifiably harm us or take from us.

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