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    Default Car Hit While Parked Under Service Garage Supervision

    My question involves insurance law for the state of: Washington

    I got into an accident damaging the front of my Audi A7. The accident was my fault so I filed a claim under my insurance and agreed to take my Audi to the shop at the Audi dealership to get repaired. The agreement was that they would fix my car and I would only have to pay my 1000 dollar deductible. So the body work gets finished and the dealership parks it in the lot while it awaits alignment work to finish the job. That’s when I get a call stating that a tow truck from a separate company crashed into my Audi In the same spot that was just fixed. So now my. Car is damaged again in the exact same spot. My insurance is saying that I still have to pay the 1000 deductible for the work that the shop already finished even though I never saw or received my car in fixed condition. They now say I have to file a new claim with the tow driver who just hit my car to finish the matter. What are my options here? My car has been at the dealership for 3 weeks and it gets crashed into right after they supposedly fixed it. And they still want 1000 deductible even though I’m getting a damaged car in return. Shouldn’t the dealer still finish the initial task of fixing my car for my 1000 deductible pay and I can still file a claim against the tow truck that hit my car and receive cash compensation?

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    Default Re: Car Hit While Parked Under Service Garage Supervision

    Sorry, one accident, one claim, one deductible.

    Second accident, second claim, new deductible.

    The dealership isn't responsible for anything, the tow company is.

    Either make the claim with the tow company's insurance or make the second claim on your collision coverage and get hit with another deductible toward the new repairs.

    There is no difference between these two accidents than there is between getting your car fixed and having another accident weeks or months later.

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    Default Re: Car Hit While Parked Under Service Garage Supervision

    Did you take receipt of the car back claiming you were satisfied with the original repairs? Since you say you did not see the repairs, why are you accepting that the first repairs were satisfactory?

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