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    Default Will a Lapse in Insurance Result in Driver's License Suspension

    My question involves vehicle registration or title in the state of: PA

    My insurance company screwed up and didnt add vehicle i bought after i called them to add car. So we had a lapse in coverage and now license plate is to be surrendered for 3 months. If we get rid of the car will there be any other form of suspension or will the whole issue be dropped?

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    Default Re: Lapse in Insurance License Suspended

    Better ask someone at the DMV.

    If the buyer can't get registration, there's going to be trouble.

    From now on pay more attention to your insurance. When you make any kind of change in your policy, especially adding a car, follow up in a few days to make sure it gets done. In fact, you should have been able to get your insurance cards by email or in person right away. And don't rely on phone calls if you can't get written verification the same day.

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