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    Default Cannot Register a Vehicle that the Seller Didn't Register

    My question involves vehicle registration or title in the state of Tennessee
    We purchased a car from an individual (so we thought) and paid cash for a cheap car for my son to drive to school. He handed us a title and it was titled to an ins company. The problem is when I took it to get tags and registered to us they wonít do it bc the guy filled out the buyer section. Then sold it to us days later. Since he filled that part out and never registered in his name...what do I do??? I have told him that he needs to register 1st but he is unwilling to help. Please help

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    Tell him you are going to sue him and then do so.

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    Then good luck trying to collect from the scammer even if you do win. And you still won't have title while you are chasing the money.

    Fortunately, TN allows the filing of a bond to get title.

    See statute 55-3-103(b)

    There are apparently other alternatives in paragraph (e) depending on the age or value of the vehicle.

    Good luck.

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    He handed us a title and it was titled to an ins company.
    At which point you should have handed him the title back and refused to give him any money and walked away. At the very least, you should have insisted that he accompany you to the DMV.

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    what do I do?
    You either walk away from the car and the money you paid or you consult with a local attorney about filing suit or you look into a title bond.

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